From busy Taipei to quiet Moakong

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If you are a book worm or if you are just in for something completely different, you must visit the worldfamous Eslite bookstore right in the middle of heart of Taipei’s city centre. Featured in the New York Times recently, this bookstore is open 24/7 and shows Taipei residents who actually go out there to enjoy reading a book, on a date or simply an evening out with family and or friends. Not difficult  to imagine if one considers this is no ordinary bookstore. Eslite has 6 floors and boasts next to a very elaborate book collection, several mouth-watering cafes, kiosks, a huge gift store area , a home decoration department with brands like the ultra cool Muji and much more.

If you have enough of the city’s hustle and bustle, do as the ‘Taipei-ese’ do and hit for the outdoor beauty of MoaKong, a small mountain district.Stijlmagazine-Maokong-Gondola.4

To get there you can take a gondola with breath -taking views over the city’s surrounding bamboo forests. Once on top, you can visit the many tea plantations for a refreshing cup of tea or a pleasant stroll amongs the tea fields. Delicious! Try and visit the area upon a weekday as weekends tend to become crowded with Taiwan’s families hungry for the green and clean air.

Next month I take you to Tainan!www.stijlmagazine-Maokong-outskirts-gondolaStijlmagazine-Maokong gondolaStijlmagazine-Maokong gondola.2Stijlmagazine-Xinyi_District_Songzhi_Road_Eslite.1Stijlmagazine-Xinyi_District_Songzhi_Road_Eslite.3


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